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I offer reportage-style wedding photography in Iceland - or where ever you want me to work.

My goal is to capture the day in a unique and personal way. I will not turn your wedding day into a big photo production.


I work fast and effectively. Most of my best images are the ones I shoot without people noticing. I mostly work with available light, but I am also prepared if a flash is needed.

I always meet up with the couple before the wedding to prepare and plan, so things will go as smoothly as possible on your big day. There is no such thing as over-preparation when it comes to wedding photography. 

I mix color and black and white (usually around 70/30 mix) and all images are fully edited and available to you within two weeks of the wedding.


I offer packages with Wedding Books or delivered electronically via private download link.



Confirmation photos are a tradition in Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. Confirmation is seen as the sealing of the covenant created in baptism. In Iceland, it is also considered the first step into adulthood.


Many families take this opportunity to also make family group shots and/or photos with other siblings.

I strive to make simple and classic portraits, often working both in the studio and outdoors. The connection between the subject and the photographer is key to making a strong portrait.


Photographing children is one of the most fun things I do - but at the same time the hardest. The photo session must be on their terms if the photos are to be good and reflect the child's character.

Along with traditional photo shoots in the studio, I offer to come to your home, or we can find a suitable area outside. It offers nice variety and the children are more likely to feel safe at home. In such photoshoots, I spend more time with you and take a lot of pictures of the whole family, but the main focus is on the kids. The goal is to create a photobook of your family, a treasured artifact that is more than just a "photoshoot".

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