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It’s kind of impossible not to love photographing landscapes in a place like Iceland. Actually, it often feels more like a Planet than a Country. Coming from this island has given me a strong feeling of connection to Nature. Wanting to protect and care for it comes naturally.

My landscape photography is strongly connected to that feeling. Iceland is a young country, it’s raw and largely untouched by humans.

We have natural resources like water and geothermal areas that provide us with hot water and energy. Even though it is called “green energy” it comes with a price to our Environment. To harness the energy dams need to be built and deep boreholes drilled. I have witnessed unspoiled wilderness ruined forever by such development.

If you want to protect something you need to know it exists. You need to see it in person - or if that is not possible - through pictures. I have been privileged to travel all around my country and see our priceless environment.


Not everyone is so lucky. My hope is that my photography can bring people closer to Nature and awaken feelings of connection, love, and protection.

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